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A Billion Yahoo Users Hacked! Change Your Yahoo Password Now.

Yahoo just announced that they’ve been hacked. Again. This time the hackers snagged the login details of over a billion accounts. Yes, you read that right – that was billion with a “B.” How big is that? That’s one-in-seven of all of the humans on the planet big.

Here’s another way of looking at it: According to some sources, Yahoo only has 280 million active email users. How do we get to a billion? We have to assume that dang near every account ever set up on the system, past and present, has been compromised. And that includes you. And your kids. And maybe your dog.

The data breach reportedly includes not just passwords but real names, phone numbers, and user’s dates-of-birth.

This is bad news for Yahoo. They suffered a similar breach this fall, compounding stock-market woes, and a general lack of direction in the face of competition from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other services that combine email, messaging, and content distribution.

So what should you do?

1. Change your password immediately, even if you already did a few months ago. Just change it again and make sure your new password is complex and hard to guess.

2. Turn on extra security features like two-step authentication. (This means that a second confirmation needs to take place – like responding to a text message – to make any changes to your account.) While anything can be spoofed, two-step authentication makes hacking exponentially harder to do.

3. Stay alert! Be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Your inbox might contain all of the details needed to gain access to ecommerce accounts that use your email address. Your account details may be just what spammers need to fool you into doing something foolish. Take a moment to review how you’ve been using your Yahoo account and consider what else might be affected. Give us a call if you need a second opinion or would like to move to a more secure email platform. We’re here to help. Yahoo might be struggling, but you don’t have to.