Singlesource IT has been an integral partner in managing and implementing our technology needs. They not only provide exceptional service and responsiveness, they anticipate and prepare to help in guiding the direction of growth in our company. By assisting in making us more efficient and economical they ultimately help make us more profitable.”

Meyers + Associates Architecture, LLC.

Christopher Meyers, Principal Architect



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Who Needs a $2,000,000 Clean Room? You Just Might!

Data loss is the heartbreaker of the IT world. Your end-of-the-year reports, your market analysis, blueprints, sales figures, confidential intellectual property, vacation pics from Vegas, whatever your data may be - at the end of the day, it's all just a bunch of 1s and 0s. Hard drives will eventually fail. And portable electronics - laptops, phones, and cameras - seem to be magically attracted to water.

We have many tools in-house to retrieve, copy, and repair data that seems like a lost cause. But for the toughest cases we've partnered with DriveSavers, the premier data recovery service in the United States.

What do they have that we don't? Let's start with the big one: DriveSavers has invested $2,000,000 to build the most technologically advanced data recovery environment in the industry. It features a 975 square foot Certified ISO Class 5 Facility. What does that mean? The Discovery Chanel went "backstage" to find out.  Take a look:

DriveSavers has recovered the hard work and critical data of Hollywood producers, of rock stars, and is trusted by corporate clients in every industry. Partenering with them has allowed us to deliver the same service to our clients. And sometimes that makes us look like rock stars too.