Singlesource IT has been an integral partner in managing and implementing our technology needs. They not only provide exceptional service and responsiveness, they anticipate and prepare to help in guiding the direction of growth in our company. By assisting in making us more efficient and economical they ultimately help make us more profitable.”

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Christopher Meyers, Principal Architect



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Mobile Device Management - Secure Data, Safe Devices. Everywhere.

Introducing Mobile Device Management, a software solution that remotely monitors and manages all of your company's devices.

Mobile Device Management puts you in control with a centralized dashboard: giving you a heads-up on the status and location of all of your team's devices, phones, and tablets. Keeping your data and technology secure is an on-going challenge for today's on-the-go workforce. Mobile Device Management is the solution you've been looking for. Now your business-owned devices can be safe and secure...wherever they may go.

Key features include:

Advanced Security - Configure detailed security settings on business-owned devices.

Location Tracking - Use the built-in GPS on mobile devices to locate lost or stolen smartphones or tablets.

Ownership Details - Keep track of devices registered to individuals and associated handset details.

Data Usage Monitoring - Help make sure you don't pay extra data usage fines by monitoring data usage.

Remote Control - Lock phones, set passwords, configure email and Wi-Fi, or wipe devices remotely. All Major Device Types Supported: Mobile Device Management supports Apple® iOS®, Google® Android®, and Microsoft® Windows® devices and tablets.

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